Music Video

We love music. We also know how important music is to the success of filmmaking.

Leftover Salmon Live “Twice In A Blue Moon” is a project that we brought to fruition with the release of the Music DVD. This is an example of project management, packaging, editing, special effects, graphics, art work, streaming, negotiating with vendors, printing banners and ongoing efforts to encourage sales.

Here is a short PR that played at Red Rocks:   

Kudos to Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman, Bill McKay, Matt Flinner, Greg Garrison and Jose Martinez for creating such a fun and energizing band.

I would like to thank Russell Brammlett for tech research, editing and project management help. Front house engineered by Jon O’Leary, Audio mixing by Jay Harper and Airshow’s own David Glasser for Mastering the audio. Of course, none of this would have happened without the unbelievable support from the Producers: Riffactory, Inc. – Bob and Fritz Foss, Nathan Bouton.


Dani Grant, owner of  and Tacy Gaede are major allies in support of musicians.  SpokesBuzz is a name to remember.

We helped them put this piece together: