Video or Filmmaking, what is the difference? Technology has blurred the lines between the mystique of using film and digitally creating film quality effects.  Our 16mm Bolex Film cameras have been in moth balls for awhile because using celluloid is cost prohibitive. Plus, delivery of finished product ends up being digital anyway.   We are simply utilizing tools to communicate story and we are very happy with the results from our Sony HD cameras. We are still filmmakers even though we skip the intermediary celluloid and chemicals. Video without tape – extremely improved image quality and workflow.

IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTENT _  Story – how best to communicate an idea, a vision utilizing script, actors, voice over, picture, editing, lighting, boiling down to #1 – Project Management.

Give us a call in the very beginning of your project and we will be happy to help out with a free consultation and guide you in the right direction, Thomas Howard