Our extensive experience dates back to the days of film and we have remained on the cutting edge of this evolving photographic technology, even today as we become totally digital.  Although we can still provide the traditional film photographic products, this is cost prohibitive – especially when you consider that delivery ends up being digital anyway.  The digital explosion has provided us with amazing tools and quality rivals the best that film has ever been capable of.  Some still claim that they miss the feel of film but digital technology now provides the tools to match look and feel.

We have different levels of image capture costs that reflect the tools required for any task.  We still utilize the Hasselblad and Sinar 4×5 with perspective correction – digitally with the Phase back (over 100 mg files).  Most of the still photographic capture is handled well with our array of Nikkor products.

Concept development and illustration – imagination are specialities here – boundless with solution oriented ideas we are.

Do you also need video production? Check out our capabilities under Video-Filmmaking and ask about the cross production savings you will enjoy here.

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