Art Promotion

Communicating the intent, the spirit, the inspiration of the Artist’s creation is our task at hand.  All media applies here too from traditional photography, video, 3D object and animation to documentary film.

Reproduction quality Photography of flat Art, 3D Sculptures, Installations, Performance Art, Websites, Animation, Archival Printing, Virtual Tours, Promotional Video, Magazine Advertising, Grant Proposals, help with “Call For Entires” and Design Presentations.

Artists clients:  Carol Sass Tuttle, Rebecca DiDomenico, Bruce Howard, Jewel Lauer, Gregg Lauer, Bobbi Vischi, Virginia Maitland, Mehry , Lou Rogers, Margo King, JDR Memorial Fund, Ellen MacLaren Caukin,  Judy Greenan, David Grojean, Willi Eggerman, Delcia Litt, Denise Labadie, Sandra Scott, Leanin’ Tree, Milan Cameron,