• Sweet Hearts

    Sweet Hearts

    It’s Valentines Day and Chelsea is only too sweet in “Sweet Hearts” as she blew kisses like Johnny Appleseed spread seeds. The background represents the Purple Mountain Majesty with FX photo manipulation, glitter and hand drawn hearts.

  • Chariots Of Fire

    Chariots Of Fire

    The look of joy on her face reminded me of a movie called “Chariots of Fire”, as she won her class in this Childrens Tri Athlon, beating out the lead boy. Running on water seemed appropriate as it seems her feet barely touched the ground.

  • Pegasus Orion

    Pegasus Orion

    “Pegasus Orion” riding an antique horse carving from the 1800s India through the heavens of Orion’s Belt inspires her dreams.

  • Black Witch Moth (Ascalapha odorata)

    Black Witch Moth (Ascalapha odorata)

    One late fall evening this “Black Witch Moth” hatched from its cocoon and spread its wings as the sun went down. To my dismay, the next morning revealed the moth frozen - after photographing top and bottom this concept came to mind.

  • Celebrating Beauty

    Celebrating Beauty

    “Celebrating Beauty” is just that – celebration of female form utilizing shadow lighting and contrasting with graphic pastel painted face. The final archival canvas print has artistic acrylic paint and glitter strokes to tie the images together.

  • Forbidden-Passage


    “Forbidden Passage” was born out of the concept to illustrate the feelings of exposed, vulnerable and danger framed by the magnificence of nature

  • El Dorado Dragon Rider

    El Dorado Dragon Rider

    Dragon Lady rides steed through El Dorado Canyon, CO

  • Dead Mans Curve

    Dead Mans Curve

    “Dead Mans Curve” inspired by the rock n roll song of the same name is an old school film composite shot on 4x5 sheet film. The background is a painting, oil on canvas, that was created in preparation for the photo shoot. Special thanks to Jon Eggers of Leanin Tree for painting the oil on canvas background.

  • Santa Rides a Harley

    Santa Rides a Harley

    Time for a new Christmas Card and “Santa Rides a Harley” was another film composite with preconceived rooftop, oil on canvas painting. Special thanks to Jon Eggers of Leanin Tree for painting the oil on canvas background.

  • Valley of Fire

    Valley of Fire

    85 degrees with a cool breeze, the still silence, pictographs, saturated red earth, hawk overhead, in the middle of the desolate dessert, with a spiritual Native American presence.